Human Development Trust


has its registered ofiice located at  Village. PulbandhaStand P.O - Bahirkap P.S - Ratua, District. Malda, West Bengal, 732205, India.
  1. To  promote, establish, run, develop and manage Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and Charitable Clinics, including Maternity Homes, Eye-Sight Centers Hearing Aid Centers, Hygiene, Blood Analysis and Trauma Centers etc, to organize different type of Health Checkup Camps, Screening, Awareness and removal programs of different types of diseases, for the benefit of the community at large, without any discrimination of caste, color, creed and religion
  2. To promote Education and its advancement, particularly at pre-primary, primary, secondary and Higher Secondary level and also to establish Pre Primary, Primary, Junior High Schools, High Schools, Higher Secondary Colleges and Degree Colleges and facilitate higher education in Engineering, Medical, Veterinary, Agriculture education and to establish and maintain studentship, scholarship for the relief of poor and destitute students, orphans etc.
  3. To impart such education to boys and girls during their age of making, that will lay stress on their character building and to inculcate spirit of justice and fair play.
  4. To establish and manage and operates Orphanages, Destitute Homes, Widow Homes and other similar Charitable and Social Institutions for the benefit of public at large and especially for economically, socially down trodden section of society and minority.
  5. To devise and practice effective majors for rending medical facilities to all sections of public in every institution of the Trust.
  6. To Promote or engage with any business activity/activities with government or private enterprise including tendering of all types for social purpose of the betterment of poor section of society.
  7. To encourage, promote and conduct activities for the betterment of environment as plantation, food processing and agricultural businesses etc.
  8. To establish, provide, maintain and assist Research Laboratories, and other Experimental Institutions for doing Research and to hold and sponsor seminars and Conferences.
  9. To establishPrimary Schools, Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools, Degree Colleges, Girls Educational Institution, Professional Educational Institutions, Technical Institutions especially for poor community.
  10. To render advice, to give consultations, promote utilizations of research and enhance, develop, exchange Research Programs and establish cooperation between Institutions engaged in Research in various fields of modern education.
  11. To establish and run Madrasah to provide religious education especially for poor community from Tahtaniya (lower level) to higher level and I.T.I. and Technical Madrasah also
  12. To encourage, promote and conduct activities for the betterment of Human Rights, Women’s Rights and place in society.
  13. To remove or decrease the child malnutrition, infants and child mortality and other diseases which are the cause of suffering to general public.
  14. This ‘Trust’ is especially mean to the benefit of the poor community and it will be maintained and administered by the member of minority community.
  15. MORAL VALUE BASED ACTIVITIES: To provide Islamic value based activities among the mass in general and backwards classes.
  16. EDUCATIONAL AWARNESS: To create an all out awareness among people, particularly Muslims by launching a movement in villages, localities, towns, cities and at all levels of the society to elimination of the curse of illiteracy by bringing cent percent literacy throughout the country.
  17. To organize, establish, run and administer institutions at various places and centers in order to promote and impart primary, secondary, higher and technical education to students of all communities in general and to the children belonging to the Minority community in particular under the provision of Article 30 of the constitution of India.
  18. To publish educational books, periodicals, journals and organize and establish study circles, reading rooms and cultural centers.
  19. To accept management and maintenance of educational institutions now being managed and maintained by others if management is handed over to this Trust by others for such managements.
  20. To organize and establish such other institutions that will extend assistance, furtherance and promotion of education in general with due emphasis on women’s education.
  21. To launch a movement amongst the religious minorities and other backward classes of all age groups to evoke their interest in education.
  22. To promote and inculcate education and culture amongst the members of all minority and backward communities.
  23. To establish, organize, maintain, run and administer institutions, centers, libraries, community halls, auditoriums, hostels etc. and to organize various programmers to promote and conserve the culture and cultural activities of the members of the minority communities and the backward communities.
  24. To arrange and utilize audio-visual and other modern and technological aids and methods and also to organize seminars, symposia, public meetings to
  25. DEVELOPMENT SCHEME FOR BACKWARDS CLASSES :- To create awareness and implement the spirit as enunciated in the Prime Minister’s 15 points programmes and Multi-pectoral District Developments plans (Ms DDP) for Minority Concentrated Districts; RSVY, BRGF, BADP, BSY, KSY, NPAG, ADIP, NCPUL, NCMEL, schemes of Department of Human Resource etc. for the development of the minorities.
  26. REMEDIAL COACHING CENTRES:To encourage and run Remedial Coaching Centers for Academic classes, various competitive examinations, entrance tests, talent search examination for nourishment and development of hidden talents of the students of our country.
  27. INFORMATION & CAREER GUIDANCE CELLS:To establish and manage “Information & Career guidance cell” for collection of information on various career counseling Programme, admission information in different streams.
  28. SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMMES:To collect information on various scholarship programs throughout the country and abroad, circulate it widely and manage to distribute it amongst the needy students of the country.
  29. EDUCATION FUND:For the sake of Almighty Allah, a fund with regular contribution & donation of well-to-do people may be created centrally & locally to support deserving poor, indigent, needy and meritorious students for the prosecution of studies in India or abroad as grants, award, aids, scholarship, stipend, book-grant etc.
  30. ATHLETIC PROGRAMMES:To arrange and encourage athletic activities of youths and students and to conduct tournaments, sports, games, traveling, tracking, climbing, swimming, boating etc. for them.
  31. HEALTH & HYGIENE: To open Hospitals, Nursing homes, Charitable dispensaries, Maternity homes, Children’s clinic, general medical check-up camps, Blood donation camps, Health-care camps and to give aids such institutions. Awareness about good food habit, prevention from unhealthy practices to be improved. General attention towards all out cleanliness and hygiene is to be drawn.